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2017 Mark Otto --- ---
Ramin Abbasi, MD: Endoscopic view of the ciliary body during endocyclophotocoagulation

Joobin Khadamy, MD: Wide-field swept-source optical coherence tomography of the optic disc and macula

Reza Karimi Bavandpour, MD: A 16 year-old male with persistent pupillary membrane without decreasing vision

Mojtaba Abrishami, MD: Wide field optical coherence tomography (OptoVue Avanti RTVue) of a patient with optic disc pit maculopathy
Gholamali Naderian MD: Combined retinal vein and artery occlusion

Mohammadreza Jafarinasab, MD, Deposition of the gold on the ocular surface after an accidental explosion
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